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Bedford Iowa Tourism

Sep 20, 14 Bedford Iowa Tourism

Bedford Iowa is a city located in Taylor County United States, and has a population of over 15,000 people. Bedford attracts many people on a yearly basis, as they have great events and tourism sites for residents and visitors to enjoy. Tourism in Bedford, Iowa can be very fun and eventful for people that visit the area on a yearly basis. One event that happens yearly, and attracts hundreds of people in Bedford, is the Across the Border Raid Motorbike Rally. The rally occurs on the Taylor County Fairgrounds, and people are able to purchase advanced tickets for $30.00, or they are able to purchase tickets at the gate for$35.00 when they arrive for the event. Bedford offers many types of touring opportunities, where visitors are able to do shopping at different restaruants, enjoy family fun time with different scheduled events, go to different sporting events, and much more. Arnold’s Amusement Park is one of the greatest attractions in Bedford, Iowa, as it contains “The Legend” rollercoaster, one of the top 10 famous roller coasters in the country.

Arnold’s Amusement park offers kids rides, thrill rides, and adult rides, along with great food, concerts, and a host of other events. In Bedford, Iowa, visitors and tourists can visit different parks and locations that offer rock climbing for experienced climbers. The park offers outdoor climbing, as well as indoor climbing for beginners and experienced climbers. Outdoor climbers are able to climb many challenging cliffs, including ice climbing up steep cliff walls. Climbers that want to do indoor climbing, can visit climbing gyms, and also climb different high walls, where up to six climbers are able to climb at one time.

Bedford, Iowa offers tourists the best of hotel services, and restaurants, where some of the best food is served. Some of the top restaruants in Bedford include, Zebs Smokehouse, Godfather’s Pizza, Subway, The Inside Scoop, and many more. Restaurants in Bedford, offer their visitors and tourists bedfast and brunch, a buffet, a bar, and special deliveries are available to hotels and other locations in Bedford. Cuisines in Bedford include barbecue, Asian, American, and African. The Iowa State Fair, is what attracts most people to Iowa yearly, and is one of the biggest events that Iowa has. The state fair lasts for a period of over 11 days, and has one of the largest lifestock shows there is. People are able to stay at many campsites when attending the state fair in Iowa, and are able to attend many of the biggest food stands, be involved in agricultural contests, and many other things. Tourists that visit Bedford, Iowa, can load up on tour buses that go through the city for sightseeing purposes. Tourists are able to see some of the greatest attractions of the city, and tour many of their favorite sites. Tourists are able to book hotel rooms ahead of travel times, and go online to view maps of the city. Tour guides are always available to help people reach their intended destinations, or simply to visit exciting new sites. You can find plenty more information here.

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Small town living isn’t so bad

Sep 20, 14 Small town living isn’t so bad

Modern culture suggests that the big city is where one should go if they want to have an exciting life that is easy and efficient. It is also said that one should move to the countryside if they desire a quiet life away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But what is there in between? The small town is often overlooked as a place in which to live and to enjoy oneself. But what does a small town offer that will make it popular to the modern individual. In this article will take a look at the reasons why one may wish to live in a small town such as Bedford Iowa and what the benefits are.

A small town is often peaceful and quiet

One often moves to a big city and forgets about the everyday problems that can arise. This includes things such as traffic and noise that can become a consistent problem for those who have to work within the city and need to commute on a regular basis to and from work. The small town resolves this problem by keeping traffic to a minimum, thanks to the small level of individuals who often live there. Elements such as noise and other factors that you may find in a busy city will also be not be apparent in a small town and this can be wonderful for those who like the peace and quiet.

You can develop a DIY attitude

Living in a small town can give the individual a DIY mentality, as there are often not superstores at hand that will give you everything you need. Sometimes an individual may have to travel in a vehicle for several hours in order to get to a superstore and this will force the individual to think in a new way about what they desire and require. Barnyard sales and car boot sales can be an effective way in which to find valuable items that may be hard to get in a small town. If someone needs a desk they may choose to build it themselves rather than travel two hours to the nearest furniture store. Individuals are also more likely to treasure their positions when they are acquired in this way.

The local shops and communities can thrive

Another wonderful thing about living in a small town is that everyone gets to know each other and shops and businesses can thrive independently thanks to the help of those who live in the town. This will subsequently create a warmer and more friendly experience between those who live in the town, making the individuals who live in the area feel more like they are part of something special.

Style and trends are often unique

The culture that is built within a small town can often be unique and will not be a mix of many different styles and trends that you may often find in a big city. This can be good for the individual who wishes to integrate into an area and connect with it on a deeper level. Many individuals who move to small towns quickly become attached to the culture and the ambience that has been developed over the years.

There’s plenty more information at this site.

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Making Solid Privacy Fence Panels in Iowa

Wood-Privacy-FencePrivacy is an important part of people’s lives from keeping your home safe to business owners wanting to shield their business from their neighbor’s or prying eyes. Privacy fence panels are purchased and installed to create a sense of seclusion for your family or business; however, they also might be necessary to guard you from busy streets or wandering pets. The multiple-use privacy fences are perfect for families and businesses wanting a little shelter without totally shutting themselves out from the rest of the world.

A privacy fence first needs to be drawn out and designed to fit your exact needs. Measurements are a must so you can determine how tall you need your fence to be, taking into consideration the subdivision or city regulations. Typical heights are between 6 and 10 feet high, but 12 feet high privacy fences are not totally uncommon. Next, decide on many fence panels it will take to completely block that area and the type of fencing you’d like to use. Making sure you have the right dimensions and the proper number of panels will ensure that you do not under or overbuy, only to have to return to the hardware store later to return excess or buy more. Having a privacy fence design before you begin construction is extremely important as well.

Types of Privacy Fence Panels

Untreated fencing is a cheap and powerful way of getting started if you are capable of handling the project yourself. Any ambitious person with some handyman skills can give it a go. The untreated fencing is cheap because it is not treated, however, it is recommended to stain or paint the fence once built to protect the wood. Untreated fencing comes in sizes that range from 6 to 8 feet tall and 8 feet wide. They are usually derived from nearby forests that have become overrun by nature, using a good axe for splitting wood to cut in even pieces.

Cedar fence panels are also a neat addition for your yard. Cedar is used as siding on many homes and is a very durable wood because it’s resistant to cracking and braking and typically contains oils that keep harmful insects away.

Treated privacy fence panels can purchased and bound together for a more solid fence. Gates can be made out of sections from the fence and as an option you can attach lattice panels to the posts for a little elegance and openness to the area. Treated fencing can be bought from your local hardware store in a couple different sizes: two-by-four, two-by-size, or two-by-eight panels. Mixing them up adds a bit of flavor to the fencing project as well for a nice privacy fence design.

The posts for the frame of the privacy fence are situated approximately every eight feet so do the math and buy as many four-by-four, six-by-six or three-by-five posts you need for the length of each panel size.

Assembling Privacy Fencing

To begin, mark your fence posts and begin digging holes approximately 18 to 24 inches deep. Once complete, put the posts in the holes securely and pour concrete to stabilize them. Brace the posts with some wood scraps while the concrete dries. At this time, you can lay the privacy panels on the grass, spaced accurately between each post. Fixate the one-by-four strip across the back, approximately three to seven inches from the top and bottom of the panels. The placement will depend on whether you want to add some creativity to the top of your privacy fence panels. A simple fence will do the trick, but adding some nooks and personality to your fence will give it better appeal and will stand out better to buyers when you look to sell.

Now, once the concrete is dry, attach the panels to the posts. You then have your perfect privacy fence put together and ready to give you the seclusion you’re looking for. Remember this isn’t for the novice handyman as many dangerous tools will be used during the construction, including a post hole digger, nail gain, circular saw, screw gun, router, miter saw, jig saw, level and tape measure, and concrete mix to name a few.

Privacy fence panels make a real difference for a home or business to bring that little extra privacy you’ve always wanted. Untreated panels should be treated once upright and even treated panels should be maintained at least once a year with a wood sealer so the wood does not warp or lose its appearance. If you’ve taken the time to design and implement you privacy fence, maintaining the wood once a year is a snap.

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Iowa Dog Flu Alert Panic

612075_630x354For the first time ever in the United States of America, a brand new strain of dog flu has materialized.

Veterinarians in Chicago, Sioux City, and Indianapolis are informing residents that they need to keep their pets away from any and all places like dog parks and kennels due to this viral strain becoming extremely bad. However, the dog flu doesn’t appear to be getting much attention since it doesn’t affect people nearly as severely as the bird flu does.

This new strain of dog flu can be transferred via the air in the following two different ways:

*Fluids via the touching of wet noses

In addition, it is also possible for human being to contract this new strain of dog flu, carrying it for upwards of several hours. This virus can be transferred via clothing, hands, etc., especially if you are around dogs that you have never encountered before and who may have contracted the strain. Veterinarians are warning all dog owners to be extremely careful and to take any proper precautions.

In terms of dogs, this new strain of dog flu contains the following symptoms:


As it relates to human beings, the following symptoms indicate that they are afflicted with the new dog flu strain:

*Loss of appetite
*Nasal Discharge

This new strain of dog flu has started appearing in states such as Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Ohio. As it pertains to Iowa, there have been no official cases reported, though veterinarians with the University West Pet Clinic have gone on record of stating that they have vaccinated multiple dogs with the vaccine for the older strain of dog flu. This began when the outbreak initially started approximately two weeks ago. However, at the same time, it has not yet been determined if the older dog flu vaccine will actually work on this newer strain, despite the vaccine existing for the past few decades.

Only six deaths have been reported thus far as the result of the new dog flu strain, which signifies that the overall mortality rate is low in nature. Clinics are reporting that dogs should be given proper rest as well as top rated puppy food so they can be in their peak physical condition in case something does affect their immune system.

As previously mentioned, there have been no cases of this new dog flu strain showing up in Iowa; however, veterinarians and other officials have stated that there is a real possibility that it could eventually appear.

If you are a dog owner and you suspect that your pet may be infected with the new strain of dog flu, veterinarians highly recommend that you not bring your dog to their offices since other animals will be present and could become infected with the strain. Instead, they ask that you contact them and request a home visit so that they can come examine your dog there.

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Safe Routes to School in Bedford

When it comes to the Safe Routes to School programs, there are approximately 14,000 different schools nationwide that are taking part in this great program. Funding from this program, despite being cut federally due to current transportation laws, has helped improve things such as crosswalks, sidewalks, and even bike lanes. But with the majority of Safe Routes to School programs taking place in areas that are more suburban or urban in nature, this leaves more rural areas having to come up with ways to overcome challenges of their own in terms of biking and walking.

Safe-Routes-to-schoolBedford, which is described as a six-county area located in northeastern Iowa, is making an attempt to be successful in getting through this kind of a challenge. The area’s Safe Routes to School liaison, in fact, has gone on record of stating that information regarding building this kind of a program in a more rural setting was unavailable after the program was launched in 2008 by the Iowa Food and Fitness Initiative, as well as the Iowa state Department of Transportation.

She also stated that when this area began working on a Safe Routes to School program, no other region in the state of Iowa had been working on one, with a similar feeling being held true about the remainder of the United States in general.

The liaison also made it known that some of the schools in the Upper Explorerland region are located in more remote areas that are far from the nearest community, while others are situated in communities that are more walkable. She further stated that the Iowa Food and Fitness Initiative were inspired by residents themselves to launch a Safe Routes to School program after they came to the realization that schools can be social hubs for causes such as supporting fitness and good health, especially in areas that are not so densely populated. Kids and parents can strap on their backpacks and good walking sandals and make the trek to school together.

The Safe Routes to School program for the Upper Explorerland area certainly had its work cut out for it thanks largely in part to schools in the area being a greater distance away from homes than in more crosswalkphotourban areas, as well as safe walking areas being major issues. The region’s Safe Routes to School liaison further stated that the biggest challenge came from the rural area not having things like basic sidewalks and crosswalks, ultimately forcing them to utilize what was currently available in terms of accommodating pedestrians.

While many schools in northeastern Iowa perform similar Safe Routes to School duties such as helping parents chaperone “bike trains” and walking school buses, they also utilize techniques that generally are not needed in areas that are more dense in population. These techniques include remote drop-offs, which are similar to “park-and-rides” in the sense that parents gather in a previously-designated meeting area, such as a parking lot, in order to meet the school bus.

The parents then walk their children the remainder of the way to their school in their walking attire. All in all, in an area that is roughly the same size as the state of Connecticut, approximately 10,000 students from 20 different school districts, in addition to six private schools, are able to take advantage of the services offered by the Safe Routes to School program.

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Find the best work boots for the farm

Working laborious tasks for long hours a day when unequipped with the right materials — or even equipped with the wrong ones— can be taxing. Construction workers, farmers, miners and the like work well in certain conditions that make their jobs more efficient and more comfortable as possible. Manual labour is in need of intense work force requiring these people to be on their feet 80% of the time when at work and in order for them to be able to do such tasks with ease would be equipping their selves with the right footwear, heavy duty work boots. In this topic, we would be discussing about the importance of using the best work boots.

There are of many types of boots to use depending on the type of work needed. But you can a get better suggestion— not by word of mouth but— when you experience wearing different types. People tend to have different preferences in working with different types of boots and here are the reasons why different areas of manual labour prefer different work boots types.

In the agricultural industry, the best work boot preferred is steel toe work boots for the reason that these heavy duty boots make it easier for farmers and ranchers to move around their area of work freely. They need boots that have heavy traction while working on different terrains of land and footwear that is thick enough to provide protection from the environment they are working on— for these reasons, steel toes is much preferred.

Here are the following reasons why these types of boots work well in farms:

Safety and protection: Steel toe boots make the best footwear because of their heavy duty material that is highly resistant to debris penetrating the soles and insides of your boots, especially with the metal cap that serves as a shield for your toes. They are also water-resistant making working in muddy areas thus preventing your feet from being soaked. With this, working with this type of boots protects you from water-borne diseases that might come from animal wastes and certain chemicals used in the farm. It lessens your chances of getting fungal and bacterial infections most commonly ‘Bilharzia’, and minor and major foot injuries.

Comfort: Made with leather, these boots— though thick— allows flexibility therefore making your work less tiring and more effective. The padded soles cushion your feet absorbing shock and filtering impact from hard labour. It allows the feet to work for longer hours since it reduces strain on your feet. Nowadays, manufacturers are revolutionizing the material for these types of boots making them with lighter weight materials allowing better agility and lesser friction preventing your feet to get sores and thicker calluses. Plus, they are now made to be slip-on shoes giving you lesser effort on tying toes long shoe laces up your leg.

Efficiency: Steel toe boots are made for heavy duty tasks because working in the farm is a tedious job and what you need is something to support to your knees and the ankles. These boots provide heavy traction allowing you to maneuver around different farm terrains. Unlike rubber boots, Steel toes don’t easily get stuff on mud. They work well under damp, muddy and mushy conditions because of its heel’s minimum height of 10mm.

For maximum work output in the farm, you will need the right boots for the work!

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